Friday, April 25, 2008

One of my FO's and a QAL KAL!

I'm organizing my first KAL! We're doing Queen Anne's Lace by MMario. The pattern is available through joining the MMario KKnits Yahoo group. You can also join the QAL KAL on Ravelry. The pattern is absolutely lovely, and a joy to knit. This is my first circular knitted object, so after only about 15-20 false starts, lots of advice from my laceknitters Yahoo group, from MMario KKnits, and a video, I finally figured out how DPN's work. I think this circular lace stuff is going to be addictive. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics to post yet, even though I'm on round 33 now.

Heirloom Baby Full

I finished my Heirloom Baby Blanket (available on last week sometime, and it is absolutely beautiful. You really have to pay attention to the pattern, and not do the things I do (like assume I know what the repeats will be and just start making up what I want to do myself), because then you'll have to rip out three rows and do them all over again. Of course, these will be the rows where you've had to join new yarn and have already woven ends in as you went. I do have to say, though, that the end result is totally worth it.

I made it for the grandbaby of a very sweet lady that I used to work for. Little Wyatt was born premature and weighed only a little over two pounds. According to his grandma, as of his one month birthday he had more than doubled his birth weight, and is off of his ventilator. I'm sure if he turns out to be anything like his grandma, he'll be a real sweetheart.

I have some new features planned soon, such as a list of the resources I've used to help me learn to knit, and some of the free patterns that I like the best. However, soon tends to be a relative term with me, so don't hold your breath too long. I have to teach myself how to create hyperlinks and how to do some other fancy footwork, too.


Purplemoose (Barbara) said...

my goodness! That is GORGEOUS work! Found you through Ravelry and RAK - Hello from the Purplemoose!

queenmamajen said...

Thanks, Barbara! I have to say that blanket nearly drove me nuts, but it was sooo worth it. Wyatt's parents liked it, too!

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