Monday, August 4, 2008

Elizabeth Nicole Designs Terms of Use

Elizabeth Nicole Designs
Terms of Use

You may:

• Reproduce items in unlimited amounts for personal use, gift use, or charity use. If the charity item is to be auctioned, raffled, or sold, please contact me first.
• Produce up to 6 shawls per year per design for sale offline. Small accessories and other items will be noted on each pattern individually.

You must:
• Receive permission from me to sell items online.
• Attribute the design of any items made for sale in the following format: This is [insert name of design here], designed by Jennifer Benson of Elizabeth Nicole Designs. Pattern is available at

You may not:
• Reproduce any pattern in any format or distribute it in any format. For free patterns, please provide links back to the website where they are found.
• Mass produce items. If you are making items yourself and selling them directly, this does not constitute mass production.

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